We love it when we can provide our customers with a great racing experience.

The story of two gals that had an idea and went with it. . . we love the sport of barrel racing and saw a need for more local races.  We hope you find our races to be affordable, quality, and offer a little variety (unique buckle races, t-shirts, saddles, great payback, and more).  We offer cash based races.  Pay in cash, pay out in cash.  Please pick up your envelopes after the race, at the next race or make arrangements to pick them up as soon as possible.  

Thank you for supporting QCBRA!


Our Team

Jill Starkey Co Founder 

Stacy Portonova Co Founder 


Kelly Trapp - Board Member
Kim Baptista - Board Member
Deb White - Board Member

Hailey Portonova - Time Only






Contact Information

Jill Starkey - jillrstarkey@gmail.com
(480) 248-6796

Stacy Portonova - sportonova@gmail.com
Phone: (480) 250-3180